Fiddler and step dancer Carrie Dlutkowski enjoys sharing her music, which draws on a wide range of styles and influences, from Canadian and American, to Scottish and swing.  She explores the roots of traditional music, while also using it as a foundation for branching out into new creative territory.

Born and raised in Upper Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula, Carrie grew up playing violin.  With almost two decades of experience, Carrie brings a strong, versatile musical foundation to the stage. She is fluent in diverse genres: accomplished as a classical musician, she has performed in various solo, symphony orchestra and opera orchestra, music theater, and chamber ensemble settings.  As a folk musician, she has played in concerts, festivals, interpretive programs, for dances, and on the air. She is also an experienced fiddle/violin teacher of students of all ages. In addition to fiddle, Carrie plays mandolin, hammer dulcimer, and viola, and she enjoys composing and arranging music.

Carrie is a step dancer in the Ottawa Valley style.  This exciting form of percussive dance, originating in the Ottawa Valley region of Ontario, has roots in Scottish, Irish, tap, and other dance forms.

Carrie’s enthusiasm for the fiddle music of Canada led her to explore its history, with a focus on the development of Scottish, French-Canadian and Métis (Native/French/Scottish) fiddle styles in the 18th century.  Each of these cultural groups claims a strong musical tradition.  Carrie offers musical and historical presentations that take listeners on an exploration of how these styles of music blended and developed through cross-cultural interaction.





With the Dlutkowskis

Carrie frequently performs with her mother Susan (piano), and sister Emma (fiddle, step dance, mandolin, viola).  This dynamic trio delights audiences with their energetic performances, which feature duo fiddling, tight instrumental harmonies, and athletic step dancing.  They have produced two CDs: their first, Still Winter Here, was released in 2013; their latest, Old Roads to New Places, available for order here, was released in January 2019.





With White Water

Since 2009, Carrie has been fortunate to play with the band White Water. Founded by Bette and Dean Premo, musicians who are at the heart of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan’s folk music, this group is known for its timeless, genuine music which expresses a strong sense of community and place.